Wedding Video Filming

We shoot all Storybook Wedding Movies on full HD cameras.  Our cameras are high quality but unobtrusive.  We don’t look to stand out so that people see us as the film and video professionals that we are.  We want them to see us as someone who is there with the family to capture the special day.  Therefore we stay away from using our large broadcast cameras and instead use compact high quality HD Cameras.  Wireless microphones are used to capture every special word during the vows.  Supplemental lighting is always available in case the location is too dark.

All of our camera operators have many years of broadcast production experience.  There shots are smooth, direct and intentional.  Slow zooms, wide pans and tilt shots are used to enhance the editors ability to create a “vision” for the movie.  Creative angles from behind flowers, down low, up high will give a different perspective thoughout your movie.



Capture the essence of your day. Personalise the experience and the moments.

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