Wedding Video Editing

The process for creating your Storybook Wedding Movie begins just like the process in an actual movie begins… brainstorming and scripting.  We meet with you to discuss the locations, times, and special events that will be taking place during your day.  We ask to find out what style of movie you like.  Do you prefer funny or dramatic?  What type of music do you like?  What colors will be incorporated?

During the editing process we tag each segment of your day.  Often clips are segmented to be used during the dramatic recap video at the end or for the bloopers section.  The movie will be edited to match with the feeling for your day.  Slow and dramatic segments will be edited that way… quick action will be edited with quick, short shots.  All areas will have music to match.

We welcome your input during the editing process.  We can interview special guests and make sure they are included.  Certain segments can be extended or cut short depending on your preference.  Most often couples leave the editing entirely in our creative teams hands.  As a “documentary style” we will make sure that a little bit of each part of your day is included.  The movie will flow from one scene to the next using set up shots that show the locations and people that make up your day.  The movie always ends with a music video recap which highlights the entire day in just a few minutes.



Capture the essence of your day. Personalise the experience and the moments.

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