About The Storybook Wedding

Award winning executive producer, Darren Krywolt, leads the team at The Storybook Wedding who are dedicated to working with you to create an exciting and dramatic wedding movie that you will want to watch over and over again.  The Storybook Wedding movie began over 15 years ago when wedding videos were long, mostly unedited and very very boring.  As Darren said, “heart shaped effects and poor camera work were enough to make a person ill”.  Having won numerous video production awards and with a passion for creative video and film Darren created The Storybook Wedding Movie.

The idea of compressing a full 12 hour day into a short, creative, dramatic and memorable presentation was not always welcomed with open arms.  Many people were still hung up on having a wedding video that contained every single moment of the day.  Darren recalls “At first we would give in and tell people that we would leave it longer and largely unedited but once it caught on, nobody wanted the raw footage anymore.  It was all about a documentary of the wedding day – short, creative, dramatic and very exciting.  Using professionals from the television and film industry we were able to create a presentation that was starting to look like a creative short film or music video.”

As technology improved The Storybook Wedding presentation format changed.  DVD menu pages with thumbnails and the ability to jump directly to any scene in the movie made the presentation more exciting.  With his contact in the film and television world Darren had custom movie box covers made to complete the presentation. “We wanted to make a movie that you could put on your shelf and it would rival any other movie in your collection… I mean, after all, you are the star of it!”

Now as a Blu Ray presentation, The Storybook Wedding movie is everything it could possibly be and more.  The format has changed but the movie has stayed true to it’s roots.  “We still like to make the movie look like it could have been filmed by a member of the family.  It gets close to all the action and is very personal.  However we never get in the way.  Often people still ask if we are on the bride or grooms side of the family.  When we hear those questions we know that we have done our job right”



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